THE MOST EFFECTED LEADERSHIP TRAINER IN THE COUNTRY    ----     "If china had 10 man like you, china is in the highest already in the world", Jade Tan, From ChinaManager-International Trade - Vaxang

What We Deliver


Our very popular 'CHANGE AGENT' program carries this content to make great changes in lives to make happiest employees which really productive 97% than compared to unhappy employees.. This is the highest asking practice in all the time. 92% of senior officials who participate the program are highly recommended it, for many organizations by getting us many more trainings. All the surveys are clearly showing that our practical approach to create the best leadership outcomes on employees lives are the most effected practice they came across ever in entire career. Therefor it has been proven that HIGH BRAND TEAM's leadership programs are the only solution for employees who expected to do exceptional jobs.


HIGH BRAND TEAM's Motivational and Attitude Changing program has proven the remarkable shifts in many organizations in Sri Lanka. That is why we introduce HUMAN MASTER, and MIRACLE WORKER programs. 17 out of 19 employees who participate the programs are clearly says that, it was the only life time experience they could ever engage with their day to day career to be a productive and wanted member for the organization. 87% employees who participate, were clearly indicated they are exited go to work to deliver their greatness just after the program. We now know why people say High Brand Team is the Number 1 training body. It is not about labeling. It is about what they feel


HIGH BRAND TEAM practice is the best team practice for creating a modern culture in the organization which really strong. We deliver any methods by meeting four criteria's which meaningful, challenging, new concept and fun through learning. We generated and bonded the best effective teams for meet any task through three great strategies which you learn at the training as the life time experience. Researches are showing many senior officials are also performing highly after the program even in their family team. Task would create the big practice of results towards a clear vision. VISIONARY LEADERSHIP Program would be the best program that any policy making officials could participate.


We are well known as the best culture changing specialist in Sri Lanka. Many of executives are sending their employees again and again for this program. If you have a strong culture, collaboration, engagements, trust, powerful believes, actions, profits are would be the results. We have 7 DELTA Components to make those awesome changes in the organization. Finally many organizational behaviors have ended in very strong positive working relationship which enables people to take risks, and create best results they could ever generate. That's why we work towards building a modern day organization. The result will be an innovative team culture really makes things happening.


We build Sri Lanka by 2022. Many strong researches are showing that up to date required training have not received for the Sri Lanka workforce especially in the public sector also. Even we have expressed our views on this to Hon, Presidents also the person who leads the country. Our target is to build Sri Lanka as the happiest workforce in Asia by 2022. Because 6 people out of 9 employees are not happy at all of their jobs which means they are coming to the office with very bad attitudes. If any employee is not happy at the required level, they never keep going in the organization and never coming in to great relationships. Never take risks and may effecting for the organizational misbehaviors where you lose organizational leadership following by informal groups. In an any organization, if any formal groups are functioning by influencing the organization, the results could be dropped in an any project by 74% compared to well-functioning organizations. There is a scientific way human beings behaviors have generated. If we could not make them engage to the organizational culture properly they just follow self-interests. But on the other hand,. That's why we stand to direct countries future vision. Highly strong culture environments would generate great leaders. And leaders make that culture more strong set by results driven conditions.


We deliver results you need. If employees do not have hopes, we build hopes. If not strengths, we discover it to engage. If not happy, we bring happiness. If not skilled, we enable to find. If do not want to live, we make them live. If not dreams, we really design dreams. If not money, we fix the paths. We rewrite the Sri Lankans human history. Many media have introduced that HIGH BRAND TEAM as the Number 1 high results generator in Sri Lnaka. We are not likely to have labels. But it means something. That is results. Actually we really analyze the participants' attitudes by deep diving. For that we use many scientific methods to enable participants to feel his or him human position as an employee or a family member or a social animal. We create the options which got to select to be a productive member he could ever be. We produce divine gifts for this beautiful land Sri Lanka's future.